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Every isekai ever

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>MC is an unspectacular average-looking friendless NEET with no life skills or redeeming qualities other than vidya knowledge
>Reincarnated to fantasy world complete with vidya interfaces, HUDs, and other game mechanics
>Harem of waifubait that lust for his cock
>Cast either sucks MC's dick or antagonizes him unrelentingly, nothing inbetween
>Disrespecting MC verbally is followed by a 2 minute montage of the supporting cast getting emotionally riled up and defending him
>MC solves problems with his infinite wealth of vidya knowledge and convenient cheat powers
>MC solving an issue is followed by a 2 minute montage of "sasuga MC-sama"
>All of the above happens within the first 2-3 episodes then rinse and repeat
Why is this generation of /a/nime-watchers and nips so soi? Isekai as a whole is designed for viewers with a history of bullying and nerdy hobbies who want to feel good by indulging in material where their qualities shine and get them endless amounts of power, pussy, and respect that they've always desired. Do people not look back at how shallow this type of satisfaction is or are they okay with stooping to low brow methods of polishing their pride?