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Boku no hero academia

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Anyone else tired that eps lately are just filler and fanservice?
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Shingeki no Kyojin

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When is Mankasa finally going to snap and go on a rampage against blonde midgets?
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Dragon Ball Super

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>Goku realizes that to master UI he must go back to the basics of martial arts and remembers his training with Roshi, Karin, Popo, etc.

>Goku goes UI after surpassing his limits by resisting a spirit bomb

Which Mastery of Self-Movement was better?
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ITT: Anime that a small number of people like very much.

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Stuff that isn't popular or widely known but the people who've seen and appreciate it care A LOT. You don't see it get talked about a lot but the ones that like it cherish it deepely.
Anime like BECK, YKK or Daicon IV.
It used to be like this with the Jojo manga too.
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Sirius the Jaeger

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Ep 6 was the best one so far.
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What can the Haruno clan do?
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Is Kagun's corpse what lies beneath Ryoran Maid School?
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I showed Evangelion to my mother and brother and it was a fucking disaster, oh God do I regret it. I was fucking embarrassed and uncomfortable all 26 episodes and EOE in. I wish I never did it.
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Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san

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It's penis inspection day
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What the actual fuck is this bullshit?
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