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Kemono Friends

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Stream of the game soon!
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Predictions for the new Railgun arc?
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How hard are they going to fuck it up?
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Yahari Thread

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How is handling everything yourself and failing an independence? It's perfectly fine to ask for help when you're overwhelmed with work/trouble. Stop making them distant from each other already.
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Now that the dust has settled who was best girl?
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One Piece

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>In the magazine release of Chapter 863, the Mochi Mochi no Mi was stated to be a Logia, but this has been changed in the volume release into a "special Paramecia".
>The Mochi Mochi no Mi has shown some effects of an actual Logia power: the current user was able to transform into mochi to block off bullets or being blown apart by an explosive attack only to reform. However, it is not considered a Logia because while it makes the user intangible, mochi is an artificial substance, thus making it a "Special Paramecia", while all Logia elements are natural.

There, now no more debating about this stupid retarded shit.
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Vigilante - Hero Academia

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Aw, i was never into shipping stuff, but i really want pop x hauler to happen.

Any Opinions on the new Chapter?
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How is your religion represented in anime?
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>new Legend of the Galactic Heroes trailer

Is it time to YAMERO?
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>I'm a political bandit
>And you don't understand it
>You took my dream and canned it
>It is not the way I planned it
>I'm society's destructor
>I'm a petrol-bomb constructor
>I'm a cosmic light conductor
>I'm the people's debt collector

>So watch out, Mr. Business Man
>Your empire's about to blow

Best JoJo main villain right here, brothers.
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