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Boku No Hero Academia

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could she realistically defeat all might? I mean, could he somehow resist getting mushrooms in the throat?
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If given the chance, how would a yugioh-like Magic The Gathering anime work like? Could it work in the first place, seeing as Magic is a much slower game?
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Make or request /a/rt
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If you ever got isekaied, would you become a hero or demon lord? Personally, I think I would side with the demons. They're WAY cuter.
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Dungeon Meshi

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>wins the heart of a badass elf captain
Why is /ourboy/ so lucky?
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Shingeki no Annie!

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Why don't we let it live instead?
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Dororo is the best girl of the season.
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Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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What is the appeal of idol anime?
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>He watch anime for plot