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end of evangelion

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Why did giant rei grow wings?
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Just what the flying fuck is the appeal here?
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I expect nothing and I'm still let down

Episode 37: ?????? – Waga Hahanaru Ju
(The Motherly Tree)
Playmaker uses his ace monster, Excode Talker, to counter Spectre’s Sun Vines. In order to finish Playmaker off, Spectre evolves his Sun Avalon into its ultimate form. Having driven Playmaker into a corner, Spectre delivers the finishing blow against him...

Script: ???? || Hirota Mitsutaka
Storyboard: ???? || Takada Masahiro
Direction:: ???? || Takada Masahiro
Animation Director(s): ????, ???? || Ebara Yuko, Yokota Akemi
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How come nobody wants to date her?
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Houseki no Kuni OST

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Is a/ ready for Godzilla in half an hour?
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>but the book was better

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if an adaptation comes out and you have not read the source material, do you read the manga first or afterwards? do you even bother?

>but the manga was better!
>but the anime adaptation was better!
Phantom blood
>the anime was its own thing!
any GITS excluding Arise because Arise a shit
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Ryuuou no Oshigoto

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Shh! loli is sleeping
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Yuru Camp

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Holy shit this show is amazing after a long day. What does /a/ think about it?
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>Love Actually
Chapter 35 any hour now.
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